Peelin Test Device
Analytical technique description:
The peeling test turns is a effective method for the determination of the cohesion status surfaces for the stone artifacts.
The Peeling Test device is based on the same principles but allows to run the test automatically so as drastically reduced the uncertainty parameters (speed and breakout force, force of application of the tape, tear-off angle, etc.).
In-situ or in laboratory application on stone material.
The adhesive tape, previously weighed, is applied, with a constant pressure on the surface, and subsequently removed at a controlled speed.
When the tape is removed, the instrument’s control software, acquires the values ​​of breakout forces. After the removal the tape’s weight is measured.
The repetition of these actions and the analysis of the acquired data allows to determine the state of cohesion of the surface.
These operations can be repeated even after a consolidating treatment in order to compare the data obtained before and after treatment.
Instrumental details:
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