Devices for accelerated ageing
Analytical technique description
Climatic chambers for accelerated ageing are equipment able to simulate the exposition of studied materials to different kind of deteriorating agents, like temperature and relative humidity, UV irradiation, salt mist spray, polluting agents and so on. The aim is to obtain an accelerated ageing in respect to the one that would take place in natural environment, and to have an immediate validation of the durability of materials.
In Conservation of Cultural Heritage field, climatic chambers for accelerated ageing are very useful in order to have fast answers about the durability of a material, concerning both substrates to be preserved, and conservation products. They are also used in order to have materials comparable (as to alteration and degrade) to them used in artworks (often subjected for years to several deteriorating agents), starting from quarry materials (usually sound).
Basics Climatic chambers for accelerated ageing are based on simulation and exasperation of exposition conditions of a material to given deteriorating agents (drastic conditions), in order to obtain fast answers that in natural conditions would necessitate very long times.
Instrumental details CO.FO.ME.GRA Instrument, mod. Solar Box 3000, equipped with a Xenon lamp  (l > 295 nm) for UV irradiation (Firenze Unit).
Angelantoni Climatic Chamber, mod. Challenge 500, for thermo-hygrometric ageing
(Firenze Unit).
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