Benchtop and portable FT-IR spectroscopy
Analytical technique description:
Infrared spectroscopy allows the chemical characterization of both organic (varnishes, coatings, adhesives, binding media,…) and inorganic materials (pigments, corrosion products, salts,…). The benchtop instrument is equipped with microscope, ATR, Golden Gate and Diamond cell accessories, which allow to analyse micro-samples both directly and in KBr pellet. Non-invasive and contactless analyses can be performed through the portable instrument with the front-reflection module, placing the instrument in front of the artwork. An integrated video camera allows to exactly display the sample area to be measured.
This technique allows to perform archaeometric studies, evaluate the state of conservation of artworks and monitor restoration interventions in the field of Cultural Heritage. It can be applied to all the substrates.
This technique is based on the interaction between matter and light in the infrared region. Most of the types of bonds, which characterize the functional groups of organic and inorganic materials, have fundamental vibration frequencies in the mid-infrared region (4000 - 450 cm-1). A frequency of radiation that interacts with the sample produces an absorption band that is characteristic of the energy required for a particular molecular group transition (usually a vibrational motion). In the infrared spectrum obtained, the collective position and pattern of these absorption bands designate the combination of molecular groups found in any specific compound. Reflection methods measure changes in the infrared beam as it is reflected by the sample.
Istrumental details:
Agilent Technologies Cary 660 Series with microscope
Thermo Nicolet Nexus with Continuµm microscope
Perkin Elmer System 2000
Portable FT-IR Spectrometer Bruker ALPHA (frequency range 7500-400 cm-1
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