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Urbino University College Buildings, constructed in between 1962 and 1983 by Giancarlo De Carlo are considered among the most significant architectures in post WWII history; they are in a group of 14 projects funded by Getty Foundation in the framework of the Grant Keeping It Modern 2015, sustaining best practices in the Conservation of XX century buildings.

Aim of the project is the set up of a “conservation plan” useful in a long term strategy, based on specific monitoring, which will allow to plan conservation works useful in preserving this unique architecture.
The diverse levels of sensitiveness and urgency will be taken into account in order to guarantee the appropriate safety and comfort conditions to more than 100o students currently living in the Buildings. The challenge regards the integration of diverse actions in one single tool: diagnostic protocols, conservation procedures, knowledge of the used materials. The particular issue of cement surfaces, bricks, fixtures and furniture will be highlighted in the course of the project in order to implement the thermal performances and to rethink the use of public and private spaces.

The products of the project will be the requirement for a correct and compatible action finalized at the preservation of the Buildings; moreover they will be an useful reference when working on similar case studies.

The Team of the project is as follows:

MTA Associati (arch. Monica Mazzolani, arch. Antonio Troisi, Arch. Andrea Chiarolini, Angela Mioni), ABC Dep. Milan Polytechnic (prof. Stefano Della Torre, arch. Ph.D M.Paola Borgarino, Arch. DS. Margherita Pedroni, Arch. DS. Cristina Ciovati) CECH Lab Milan Polytechnic (prof. Cesare Maria Joppolo Arch. Davide Del Curto, Arch. Andrea Luciani), CNR - Institute for Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage (dr. Antonio Sansonetti, dr. Marco Realini), Urbino University “Carlo Bo”, DESP Dep. (prof. Guido Maggioni, prof. Luigi Ceccarini, prof. Sabrina Moretti, dr. Eduardo Barberis, dr. Fatima Farina, dr. Elisa Lello, dr. Leonardo Catena, dr. Giovanni Torrisi) And Conservation Dep. (prof. Laura Baratin).

More information:  a.troisi@mtaa.itpaola.borgarino@polimi.it
Istituto per la Conservazione e la Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali