ICVBC and Duke University collaborates with North carolina Museum of Art with the aim to define the state of conservation of the paintings and the knowledge of the constituent materials.
The study initially planned an imaging campaign (Vis, UV, IR, IRfc) that allowed to highlight the preparatory drawing, identify the presence of alterations, recent restorations, and the pigments used.
The comparasion between the results, has guided the choice of the measuring points for the non-invasive investigations (FORS, XRF, TR-FTIR) and the micro-sampling.
The research team of  ICVBC together with  Gwenaelle Kavich (Smithsonian Institution MCI), Adele de Cruz (Department of Biology and Chemistry, Duke University), Bill Brown (North Carolina Museum of Art), Nick Barbi (XGLab) is disclosing the secrets of Italian masters' paintings at  North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh-USA, by using several mobile instruments included the new XRF by XGLab.
The North Carolina Museum of Art houses a permanent collection of Italian paintings from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. The Institute for Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage (ICVBC) carried out the diagnostic campaign of 12 paintings belonging to this collection.
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