Mobile: (+39) 3316676983
E-mail: p.tiano@icvbc.cnr.it

  • Stone decay mechanisms and intervention methodologies for their conservation.
  • Biodeterioration and bioremediation processes.
  • Development of new diagnostic methods for the determination of the state of conservation and for the evaluation of the performance of conservation treatments applied to cultural assets.
  • Selection and development of new materials for stone cleaning, protection and consolidation.
  • Model and protocols elaboration for the monitoring of monumental buildings.
  • Technical-scientific consultancy for restoration interventions.

Graduated in Biological Science.

Since 1975 up to 2012 he was employed as 1st   Researcher of the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) at the Institute for the Conservation and Value Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage in Florence (ICVBC). Responsible of the structure “Image & Communication”. He has been interim Director of the ICVBC from July 2007 to June 2008 and from July 2011 to November 2012 .

 Expert evaluator

  • In the calls SMT (Call  February 1998), in the City of Tomorrow EESD 3 (EVEV-CT-2001-4-90532), from 1999 for the INTAS proposals (id number: 1228).
  • Expert in project management of the CNR (prot 3121 - 27/10/2005).
  • Peer review for the proposal “Equipping of the Laboratory for science and technology in art“ by Doc.dr.sc. Vladan Desnica at "The National Foundation for Science, Higher Education and Technological Development of the Republic of Croatia” - Brain Gain ­ Homing Programme (02.04.)

 Referee for the following publications:

  • Journal of Cultural Heritage,
  • International Biodegradation and Biodeterioration
  • Society for General Microbiology
  • Journal of Nano Research - Special Issue: Cultural Heritage Materials
  • International Journal of Architectural Heritage
  • Biofouling

 Coordinator of EC funded projects:

  • Hardrock (Contract: SMT4-CT96-2065).
  • Bioreinforce (Contract EVK4-CT2000-00037).
  • Momorex - (Agreement 2003 - 1394/001-001 CLT CA12).
  • McDUR (Contract G6RD-CT2000-00266).

 Member of national and international standardisation bodies :

  • Member of the WG1 of the FA6 (Focus Area) “Cultural Heritage” in the network ECTP (European Construction Technology Platform);

  • Italian representative in the WG3 “Evaluation of methods and products for conservation works” of the CEN TC346 committee.

 Member of editorial board:

  • The Journal of Cultural Heritage, Elsevier Masson sas Ed., France.

  • The “International Journal of Conservation Science “, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Publishing House, Iaşi- Romania.

 Other activities

  • He is scientific responsible of the joint research proposal for the bilateral exchange of researchers between Italy and Slovenia 2011-2013, focused on the “Evaluation of the possible use of antibioufouling formulates as preventive against biodeterioration of monumental heritage". In partnership with the University of Ljubljana - Biotehniška Fakulteta.

  • He has been named from the Minister of Culture and Communication of the Republic of France, member of the « Conseil scientifique de la grotte de Lascaux » for the period February 2010- January 2013.

  • He has been the scientific responsible of the PhD Student Oana Cuzman for the research on “Biofilms on exposed monumental stones: mechanism of formation and development of new control methods” within the  Marie Curie project  Episcon – “European Ph.D. in Science for Conservation” (Contract MEST-CT-2005-020559).

  • He has been requested, by the Technische Universitat Munchen, for a scientific expertise in the field of plant cover on some sculptured sandstone grottos in the province of Sichuan, near Anyue (China) in the frame of the “German – Chinese Cooperation project in the Protection of Cultural Heritage (28/10/09 - 11/11/09).

  • He is scientific responsible of a bilateral project with the INRA of CSIC (Spain) focused on the “Technology and biotechnology for the conservation of hypogean cultural heritage”.

 Convenor, keynote and Invited Speaker

He has been invited from the National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, Tokyo as key note speaker at the "36th International Symposium on the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Property: "Microbial Biodeterioration of Cultural Property: Recent topics on the Investigation of and Countermeasures for Biodeterioration of Outdoor/Indoor Properties and Disaster-affected Objects". Hold on December 5 to 7, 2012, in Tokyo (Japan)

He has been invited from the Chinese Academy of Cultural Heritage for participate, as experts and professionals engaged in cultural heritage conservation and restoration, to the international seminar for the World Cultural Heritage site "The Dazu Rock Carvings" in Chongqing  (28/10/2009).


During his activity has published as author or co-author 159 scientific papers published in National and International Journals, chapters of books, proceeding of national and international conferences.



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