Access, Research, and Technology for the Conservation of European Cultural Heritage



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The panel has as main aim the illustration of the preliminary results achieved with the collection of the data on European Survey on Methods and Materials for Conservation.
The second objective of the panel is the illustration, by experts in the following fields: stones, paintings, metal and wall paintings, of the state of the art of scientific methodologies to monitor conservation treatments for:

  • Documentation (record and control of the progressive treatment steps) and standardisation (recommended procedures).

  • Evaluation of treatment (analytical measurements of optical and chemical surface properties (colour, texture, absorbance, interaction with the surface (risk of alteration).

The audience of the discussion panel will be inter≠disciplinary: scientists, conservators and restorers. A final round table will essentially contribute to the diffusion both of knowledge on treatmentsí procedures and materials used in conservation based on the up dated relevant existent scientific methods (in terms of efficiency, reliability and applicability - cost and user friendliness) and of available analytical techniques for treatmentís evaluation on valuable objects of different typologies/materials and pathology.

Essential issues for discussion:

  • To define a set of reliable measuring parameters for investigating any change of surface properties (physical/optical and chemical) that affects the surface condition of cultural heritage objects due to treatments (risk of alteration of composition or appearance over time).

  • To formulate the requirements (protocols and diagnostic tools) for the monitoring (control on a regular basis) of such parameters after conservation treatments.


    Organizing Secretariat

    Piero Tiano
    CNR - Istituto per la Conservazione e la Valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali

    Daniela Pinna
    Opificio delle Pietre Dure

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