Institute for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage



Institutionally defined objectives:

  • Characterization of constituent materials in works of art and their forms of alteration/deterioration

  • Experimentation of new technologies and materials for the conservation of cultural heritage

  • Development of innovative criteria for planning and carrying out conservation treatments

  • Development of innovative projects for the promotion of cultural heritage

Strategic activity for the three-year period 2005-2007: Monitoring

The strategic activity towards which the ICVBC intends to progressively channel a significant part of its skills and resources, both directly through its own research staff in all three operating units, and coordinating study groups of other CNR institutes and Italian universities, is above all concerned with monitoring the state of conservation of outdoor cultural properties, particularly those consisting of natural and artificial stone materials, as well as metal (bronzes), decorated plasters, glass, etc. As a result of their location within and direct exposure to an aggressive and contaminated environment, these types of heritage are subject to the highest risk of decay. Simple and well-defined protocols are needed to monitor the progression of the decay of artefacts and monuments in situ and to evaluate the efficacy of their conservation treatments, so as to provide a solid scientific base on which to formulate plans for programmed maintenance.