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Editorial activity


The activity of the "Commissions Normal" aiming to regulate the diagnosis, conservation and restoration of works of art, is well known in Italy. The "Normal Commissions", successively denominated UNI-Normal commissions, were in fact among the pioneering works of the three Centres which constituted the ICVBC. A very important role in this context played. Extremely relevant in the creation of these Commissions was the role played by Giovanna Alessandrini, director of one of these Centres, who is still actively involved in their co-ordination.

Participation of ICVBC research in the Commissions UNI Normal
GL1  Biological Methodology M. Realini, M. Monte, P. Tiano 
GL2 Experimental methodology for the control of biodegradation P. Tiano
GL3 Chemical methodology S. Bracci, L. Toniolo, A. Mecchi
GL5 Methodology for conservation treatment of surfaces A. Mecchi (Coordinator), S. Bracci, A. Sansonetti, P. Tiano
GL7 Physical laboratory methodology A. Mecchi, S. Bracci, P. Tiano
GL11 Methodology for the characterisation of historic mortals or mortals used in restoration R. Bugini, F. Fratini, A. Mecchi, C. Bartolomucci
GL13 Petrographic methodology F. Fratini
GL14 Non-destructive and mechanical tests P. Tiano
GL22  Museological techniques S. Massa
Participation of ICVBC research in the Commissions CEN TC346
WG3  “Conservation works" S. Bracci, A.M. Mecchi, P. Tiano