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Physical, mechanical and chemical characterization of natural and artificial stone materials (bricks, “terracotta”, mortars, earthen materials) used in architecture and study of their decay mechanisms and intervention methodologies for their conservation.

Development, set up and validation of new micro-destructive devices (drilling resistance measurement system, portable indenter, micro-sandblasting system, peeling system) to the assessment of the superficial mechanical properties of stone natural and artificial materials sound, weathered and treated with conservative treatments (protective and consolidant product).

Selection and development of new inorganic products (phosphates, geopolymers) for natural and artificial stone materials and earth buildings conservation.


Degree in Geology and PhD in Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage at the University of Florence.

Since 1998 carries out research activities at the Centre for the Study on the Causes of Decay and Methods of Conservation of Works of Art, CNR, Florence (now ICVBC). Since 2009 she is full time researcher.


She took part in the following European e National Projects:

- HARDROCK European project (Contract: SMT4-CT96-2065) Development of a new method to determine the superficial hardness of exposed monumental rocks, 1996-1999.

- BIOREINFORCE European project (Contract: EVK4-CT2000- 00037) Biomediated Calcite Precipitation for Monumental Stones Reinforcement, years 2001-2004.

- DIAS European project (Contract: EVK4-CT2002-00080) Integrated tool for in situ characterisation of effectiveness  and durability of conservation techniques in historical structures, 2002-2005.

- EU-ARTECH European project (Contract: RII3-CT-2004-506171), Access, Research and Technology for the conservation of the European Cultural Heritage, years 2008-2009

- TeCon@BC national project (POR-CReO Fesr 2007-2013): Innovative -technologies for the conservation and valorization of Cultural Heritage, years 2010- 2012.

- ECO-CEMENT European project (Contract FP7 Grant 282922): New microbial carbonate precipitation technology for the production of high strength, economical and Ecological Cement, years 03/2013-02/2015.

- Bilateral cooperation project ICVBC-CNR - METU-MCL (Stone consolidation with innovative nanodispersive products for the conservation of cultural heritage in the Mediterranean Basin, 2014-2016).

- Bilateral cooperation project ICVBC-CNR - CNR/CNRST (Stabilization of earthen plasters: exchange of knowledge and experiences between Italy and Morocco, 2014-2016).


During her activity she has been author and co-author of more than 60 scientific papers published in National and International Journals, chapters of books, proceeding of national and international conferences.

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