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Conservation and restoration of historic gardens; Biotic and abiotic interactions within historical gardens and sites; Vegetation dynamics in urban area; Environmental plant science; Evolutionary and ecological responses to environmental stress factors; Consequences of plant migration and adaptation; Conservation of genetic resources and biodiversity; Conservation of endemic, rare, and relic species; Mediterranean ecosystems; Emission of plant Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs): its ecological interaction with the environment and relations to stress resistance.



2015 Degree in Landscape Architecture
May 2014 – January 2016: responsible for the Florence Unit of the Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection
2016: Organisation of the seminar: ‘Darwin, darwinismo e intelligenza’ held in Rome, Accademia delle Scienze (June 14th) 2015: Organisation of round table: ‘Beauty of Italian landscape’ (La grande Bellezza del Paesaggio Italiano’), EXPO Milan (together with Alberto Giuntoli)
Since 1998 Senior researcher
1995-1997 Position at the WSL (Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research at Birmensdorf) as Group Leader (Forest Genetics)
Since 1984 Researcher at CNR
1980 Degree in Forestry


2010-2012: Projet leader: Molecular and metabolic bases of volatile isoprenoid-induced resistance to stresses (MOMEVIP) (European Science Foundation) Collaborative project of EuroVOL program (Ecology of Plant Volatiles, from Molecules to the Globe)

2011-2014: Coordinator of the CNR Unit: Consequences of insect invasions for plant-insect interactions mediated by volatile organic compounds (InvaVol). (European Science Foundation) Collaborative project of EuroVOL program (Ecology of Plant Volatiles, from Molecules to the Globe)

2001-2004: ‘Intra- and interspecific gene flow in oaks as mechanisms promoting genetic diversity and adaptive potential’ (OAKFLOW) (QLK5 – CT-2000-000960)

1998-2001: ‘Measuring molecular differentiation of European deciduous forests for conservation and management’ (CYTOFOR) (FAIR FAIR5 - CT97 – 3795)

995-1997: ‘Synthetic maps of gene diversity and provenance performance for utilization and conservation of oak genetic resources’ (FAIR1 PL95-0297)

995-1997: ‘Conservation of forest genetic resources in Switzerland’ funded by the Federal Agency for Forest, Environment and Landscape (Switzerland)

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Book chapters

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