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Fax : (+39) 055 522 5403/5483
E-mail: oanaadriana.cuzman@cnr.it

  • Investigation the biological growth and biodeterioration phenomena on cultural heritage assets

  • Efficacy evaluation of new control methods against stone biodeteriogens or biofilm formation on monumental heritage

  • Development and application of non-invasive or micro-invasive techniques to identify and characterize the microbe-surface interaction and microbial diversity (microscopical observations, ATP measurements, chlorophyll fluorescence, microbs isolation and characterization, molecular fingerprint methods) 

  • Biotechnological use of microorganisms in cultural heritage and environmental fields

  • Waste minimization, recycling and reuse 


Oana Adriana Cuzman received a Bachelor of Science degree in Ecology and Environmental Protection from University “Al. I. Cuza” Iassy, Romania, in 2000, and a PhD in Science for Conservation within the frame of EPISCON Project, in October 2009 at University of Bologna.

From October 2012 to present works as a researcher within the ECOCEMENT project "New microbial carbonate precipitation technology for the production of high strength, economical and Ecological Cement" FP7-ENV-2011-ECO-INNOVATION-TwoStage

From 2009-2012 was a research fellow or research collaborator within different research programs:HYPOGEA project (2012-2013); Bilateral project Italy - Slovenia  “Evaluation of the possible use of the antibiofouling formulates as preventive against biodeterioration on monumental heritage” (2011-2012); "Tecon@BC innovative technologies for the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage" (2010-2012); TDT Bioart “Tecniche innovative per la Diagnosi ed il Trattamento di BIOdeteriogeni in ambito ARTistico e archeologico” (2009-2010); Bilateral project Italy– Spain  “Technology and biotechnology for the conservation of hypogean cultural heritage” (2009-2010).



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