Window typology



AREZZO C. of SS. Annunziata
  1. St. Jerome
  2. Our Lady of Assumption
  3. The wedding of the Madonna
  1. Pentecost
C. of St. Francesco
  1. Onorio III e St. Francis
BOLOGNA C. of St. Giovanni in Monte
  1. S. Giovanni in Patmos
CORTONA C. of St. Maria del Calcinaio
  1. The Madonna of Mercy
FERRARA Pinacoteca Nazionale – Palazzo Diamanti
  1. Calice fra due angeli
FIRENZE Cathedral


  1. Deposition
  2. Crowning of the Virgin
  3. Nativity 
  4. Prayer in the Garden
  5. Presentation at the temple
  6. Our Lady of Assumption
  7. Resurrection
  8. St. Laurence
  9. St. Stephen
  10. Ascension of Christ
C. of St. Croce
  1. Apparition of St. Francis at Arles
  2. Crucifixion
  3. Deposition
C. of St. Croce Capp. Pazzi
  1. Ethernal Father
C. of St. Croce Museum
  1. Aronne (?)
  2. Elijah on the chariot on fire
C. of St. Spirito
  1. Pentecost
C. of St. Maria Novella
  1. Crowning of the Virgin and Angels
LUCCA C. of St. Paolino
  1. Trinity
  1. St. Cerbone offers the geese to pope Virgil – Christ blessing – Prophets
MONTE S. SAVINO C. of St. Agostino
  1. St. Augustin
  1. Crocefissione
SIENA Cathedral
  1. Stories of the Virgin among prophets, St. Bartholomew, St.Ansano, St. Crescence, St. Savino
  2. Last Supper
SPELLO C. of St. Lorenzo
  1. Assunta
  2. St. Lorenzo