FILE : Cathedral deambulatory 3
TITLE : The Deposition

LOCATION: Aosta, Cathedral, deambulatory window C

DIMENSIONS:. 57 cms. x. 78 cms. the first panel; 45 cms. x . 78 cms. the second one.

PROVENANCE: the fragments belong to two destroyed stained glass windows.

CHRONOLOGY: beginning of the XVI century

AUTHOR: local school

PATRONAGE: unknown

SUBJECT: The Deposition. The scene represents the corpse of Christ collapsing in utter relaxation through the arms of another figure – in the centre, there is a head with long fair hair, which probably belongs to St. John the Apostle, whereas we can not find the mourning mother, standing on an elevation behind her son and holding His body. The upper panel has got architectonic elements, including parts of the Cross, a frieze and two capitals. The central lunette with monochromatic figures between puttoes represents an episode included in the tenth labour of Hercules, who was instructed to steal Geryon’s cattle.

CRITICAL NOTES: The architecture recalls the upper panel of St. Margareth window. (see Aosta cattedrale deambulatorio 5

CONDITIONS: The window contains various stop-gaps, many breakings and repaintings, especially in the upper panel, showing the signs of several interventions.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bibl. Cattedrale di Aosta

PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE: Archivio CVMA Italia – Dono Mons. Garino

EDITOR: Emanuela Linda Cappa, May 2003