FILE : Cathedral 2
TITLE : The Crucifixion

LOCATION: Aosta, Cathedral, apse window sII

DIMENSIONS: 5 panels lancet window; h. 385 cms. x w. 85 cms.

PROVENANCE: original location

CHRONOLOGY: end of the XV century (recorded: restoration of the cathedral in 1493)

AUTHOR: local school

PATRONAGE: De Prez family

SUBJECT: The Crucifixion. The suffering Christ on a big wooden Cross. Angels hover around in the sky collecting Christ’s blood in chalices. St. Mary Magdalene is shown at the bottom of the Cross with her usual attribute of a jar or pot of ointment, where can be read the inscription: MAOCS V(?). In the landscape in the background we can find vivid colour and delight in naturalistic detail. The Bishop’s coat of arms – a rampant lion in gold on a blue field (with the episcopal insignia) – stands out in the centre of the first panel, included in a architectonic structure with puttoes on both sides.

CRITICAL NOTES: Noteworthy are the bright and contrasting colours with the addition of silver stain..

CONDITIONS: Some pieces in the coat of arms and in St. Mary Magdalene’s mantle are modern glass. The face of the angel at the top on the right has been completely remade. Almost all the leads have been changed; the breakings at Christ’s feet have been soldered in a lead grid. The uncoloured tesseras in the background are original.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: see Bibl. Cattedrale di Aosta .

PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE: Archivio CVMA Italia – Dono Mons. Garino

EDITOR: Emanuela Linda Cappa, May 2003