FILE : Cathedral 1
TITLE : St. Gratus

LOCATION: Aosta, Cathedral, window nII (apse window)

DIMENSIONS: lancet window composed by 5 panels; h. 385 cms. x w. 85 cms.

PROVENANCE: original location

CHRONOLOGY: end of the XV century (recorded: restoration of the cathedral in 1493)

AUTHOR: local school

PATRONAGE: De Prez family (according to F. De Lasteyrie, 1854)

SUBJECT: St. Gratus, first bishop of Aosta (Vth century) and Patron Saint of the town; protector against lightning, hail and mice. Feast 7 September. Represented as a middle-aged bishop, beardless, blessing; a devil at the top on the right. St. Gratusícope is richly adorned with jewels. The figure is included in a rich Renaissance niche.

CRITICAL NOTES: The composition is similar to that of St. John the Baptist (see Aosta cattedrale 5).

CONDITIONS: in very bad state of preservation. The stained glass window shows many lost panels and breakings especially at the bottom (the coat of arms of the Bishopís family included), an extensive loss of grisaille, several repaintings.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Bibl. Cattedrale di Aosta .

PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE: photographic files Emanuela Cappa (Photo Domenico Grossi, Aosta, March 1998)

EDITOR: Emanuela Cappa, May 2003