FILE : Cathedral 17
TITLE : Bishop de Prez

LOCATION: Aosta, Cathedral, choir sIV window

DIMENSIONS: lancet window composed by 2 panels; h. 225 cms. x w. 78 cms.

PROVENANCE: original location

CHRONOLOGY: end of the XV – beginning of the XVI century

AUTHOR: local school

PATRONAGE: De Prez family

SUBJECT: Bishop François De Prez. Member of an important Swiss family, he became bishop of Aosta in 1464. Died 22 May 1511. Represented as a a middle-aged bishop, wearing a mitre adorned with jewels and a richly decorated cope, kneeling, his hands joined in prayer. Committing this stained glass window, De Prez would have been able to see himself in the very place of his depicted vision and so "prove" the reality of his divine experience. Two young laymen with bonnets are shown standing behind him. The kneeling-stoll is covered with a richly patterned blue cloth, whereas the background is covered with a striped cloth. Tiled floor. The Bishop’s coat of arms – a rampant lion in gold on a blue field (with the episcopal insignia) – stands out in the centre of the first panel, with an angel on each side.

CRITICAL NOTES: The exquisite brocades, furs, and silks are shown in an extraordinarily lifelike and brilliant way, a way that confirms their reality, their tangibility. Noteworthy are the the whole splendour and solemnity of the scene, including the bishop’s meditating expression, bright colours and various naturalistic details, a mixture of Italian and Netherlandish elements. The figure(s) can be compared with the ones in St. Gratus window ( see Aosta cathedral1), St. Jucundus window (see Aosta cathedral 4) and St. Stephen window (see Aosta cathedral 18).

CONDITIONS: many lost tesseras (background, cope, first panel), several breakings. The uncoloured frame is modern.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: see  Bibl. Aosta Cathedral .

PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE: Archivio CVMA Italia – Dono Mons. Garino

EDITOR: Emanuela Linda Cappa, May 2003