FILE : Cathedral 11
TITLE : St. James the More

LOCATION: Aosta, Cathedral, window nVII

DIMENSIONS: lancet window composed by 2 panels; h. 180 cms. x w. 85 cms.

PROVENANCE: original location (?)

CHRONOLOGY: beginning of the XVI century

AUTHORS: local school

PATRONAGE: Capitolo della Cattedrale (?)

SUBJECT: St. James the More, Apostle, Martyr. Brother of Saint John the Evangelist and cousin of Our Lord. Feast 25 July, anniversary of his translation to Compostella. Represented middle-aged, with a long grey beard, holding a crucifix. His emblems are those of the pilgrim: a staff, a purse with a scallop shell and a hat. Tiled floor. Rich border with floral motifs.

CRITICAL NOTES: The stained glass window ("studied and planned with no extreme care for details" according to Toesca, 1911) can hardly be judged in view of the present state of preservation.

CONDITIONS: in very poor condition: many tesseras (especially in the first panel) have been lost and substituted with modern glass.The grisaille is almost completely effaced.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: see Bibl. Aosta Cathedral .

PHOTOGRAPHIC REFERENCE: Archivio CVMA Italia Dono Mons. Garino

EDITOR: Emanuela Cappa, May 2003