UMBRIA - Perugia
FILE : Studio Vetrate Artistiche Moretti Caselli 1
TITLE: The prophet Baruch

LOCATION Studio Vetrate Artistiche Moretti Caselli collection

DIMENSIONS diameter 15 cm

PROVENANCE Orvieto cathedral, apsidal window, panel a3

CHRONOLOGY 1325-1334

AUTHOR Giovanni di Bonino da Assisi

SUBJECT: Head of the prophet Baruch (fragment)

CRITICAL NOTES: the fragment clearly reveals Giovanni di Bonino’s style. It is an original fragment replaced by Moretti with a XIX century copy, during the restorations.

CONDITIONS: a detachment of the grisaille is clear on the head. In some of its parts there is evidence of rosy, light veiling perhaps due to an attempt to fix the grisaille, made during an intervention maybe previous to Moretti’s restoration. The lead, faded and loosened, are not original. Likely, the halo has been remade with fragments of wings belonging to the same stained glass window and reused as stop-gaps.

BIBLIOGRAPHY : see Bibl. Orvieto - Giovanni di Bonino


EDITOR Caterina Pirina - February 2000