FILE : Duomo 1
TITLE : Theological Cosmos

LOCATION: Pisa Duomo, window n X

DIMENSIONS: The window is composed of three panels – two rectangular (1.015 x 0.98 m.; 0.77 x 0.98 m.) and one arched (0.465 x 0.98 m.).

PROVENANCE: Original location.

CHRONOLOGY: 1453-1454

AUTHOR: Della Scarperia workshop, Goro di Bartolomeo, Leonardo di Bartolomeo, and Bartolomeo d’Andrea ("Banco") (documented).

PATRON: Opera della Primaziale

SUBJECT/I: A gigantic figure of Christ holds an immense circle of the cosmos comprised of twenty concentric rings glazed with different colored glasses. The rings are painted with various subjects: choirs of cherubim and seraphim, busts of figures, images of lambs.

CRITICAL NOTES: The recent study on the Duomo windows (by the author of this file) led to an identification of the figurative details in the rings of the cosmic circle. The iconographic influence of the great fresco painted by Piero di Puccio in the nearby Camposanto of Pisa is undeniable. However, extensive nineteenth-century restorations to the window impede stylistic analysis.

CONDITION: The window was severely shortened after a high wainscoting was added to the interior walls of the cathedral’s side-aisles. During nineteenth-century restorations the windows were re-leaded with leads substantially thicker than the original ones. This caused an enlargement which apparently was compensated by cropping individual panels.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Pisa Duomo – in recent volume by R. K. BURNAM Le vetrate del Duomo di Pisa "Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi - Italia, vol. 2, Quaderni della Scuola Normale di Pisa, Pisa, 2003.

PHOTOGRAPHIC REF.: R. K. Burnam Archive

EDITOR: R. K. Burnam, June 2003