LOMBARDIA - Milano - Cathedral Museum
FILE : Milano Cathedral Museum 14
TITLE : Quod vides scribe et mitte septem ecclesiis

LOCATION: Milano, Cathedral, Museum

DIMENSIONS: 113 x 50 cms.

PROVENANCE: Milano, Cathedral Apocalypse window (I)


AUTHOR: Stefano da Pandino ( documented)

SUBJECT(S): St. John is writing the Apocalypse text

CRITICAL NOTES : C. Pirina recognizes this panel as belongig to the group of panel executed bu Stefano da Pandino for the Apocalypse window.

CONDITIONS: The grisaille is almost completely lost; Several breaks and stop-gapssome overpaintings with cold paint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Milano Duomo 1

PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS: Fototeca Ven. Fabbrica del Duomo

TRANSLATION: Suzanne Miele