LOMBARDIA - Milano - Cathedral Museum
FILE : Milano Cathedral Museum 12
TITLE : St. John the Evangelist raises a dead man

LOCATION: Milano, Cathedral, Museum

DIMENSIONS: 114.5 x 63 cms.

PROVENANCE: Milano, Cathedral, St John the Evangelist window (sXX)


AUTHOR: Master of the Baptism of Aristodemo (attribution)

SUBJECT(S): St. John the Evangelist raises a dead man

CRITICAL NOTES: This is an original panel from the St. John the Evangelist window (see file Duomo 3) which has been substituted by a P. Bertini copy (panel 3c). C. Pirina attributes this panel to the activity of the Gesuati glaziers who were initially entrusted to execute this stained glass window. E. Brivio identified the author in this group as the "Master of the Baptism of Aristodemo".

PATRONAGE: The Notaries College

CONDITION: The grisaille is almost completely lost. Several breaks.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Milano Duomo

PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS: Fototeca Ven. Fabbrica del Duomo

TRANSLATION: Suzanne Miele