FILE : The Museo Civico Laudense

Museo CivicoThe Museum together with the Laudense Public Library is situated in the former Oratorian Convent beside the church of S. Filippo. The building has been repeatedly altered and in its present form dates from the 18th century. The Museum is divided in four sections:

The archeology section with finds made the ancient Laus today Lodi Vecchio: burial epigraphs, stelae, relicts from the Iron Age and from Gallo-roman times and manty finds dating back to the roman period.

The pottery section with many objects made between the 1500 and 1800s ; in particular itsí possible to admire many ceramics hand made by the then famous Ferretti, Coppellotti, Rossetti, and Dossena factories.

The "Risorgimento" section with many weapons, uniforms, prints and documents dating back to the "Risorgimento" period. It is remarkable the big painting of Pietro Bignami repesenting napoleoneís battle at Lodiís bridge

Adjacent the Museum the Library is divided in two sections: the modern and the ancient; in the latter is the impressive "Filippini Library "room with his frescoed ceiling an ornate 18th century book case, ten thousand volumes; a big, precious collection of manuscripts, parchments, illuminated volumes, incunabula, world maps, portolanos, and prints.