LOMBARDIA - Milano - Cathedral
FILE : Milano Duomo 4
TITLE : New Testament Window

LOCATION: Milano, Cathedral, window sXVI

DIMENSIONS: window with 3 lancets. Tracery composed by trilobes and a rose window. h. 1570 x w. 280 cms.; each rectangular panels measures 114 x 59 cms..Each trilobe measures 86 x 56 cms.

PROVENANCE: Milano, Cathedral, New Testament window (sII)

CHRONOLOGY: 1416-1417-Franceschino Zavattari; 1479-1481-Antonio da Pandino; 1519-Pietro da Velate.

PATRONAGE: The Venerable Roffino of Santa Maria della Scala Church (1479), commissioned this group of panels painted by Antonio da Pandino.

SUBJECT(S): 1a) The Angel of the Annunciation; 1b) The Virgin of the Annunciation; 1c) The Visitation; 2a) The Nativity; 2b) The Arrival to Bethlem ; The Angels of the Flight into Egypt; 3a) The Baptism of Jesus; 3b) Jesus on Mount Tabor; 3c) Jesus heals the Paralytic; 4a) Iesus on the lake of Genesareth; 4b) Jesus and the Adulteress (left panel of a diptych); 5a) The Resurrection of Lazarus; 5b) The Entry of Christ in Jerusalem (left panel of a diptych); 5c) The Entry of Christ in Jerusalem (right panel of a diptych); 6b) The Washing of the Disciples' Feet; 7a) Jesus drives the Merchants from the Temple; 7c) The Kiss of Judas; 8a) The Last Supper (left panel of a diptych); 8b) The last Supper ( right panel of a diptych); 8c) The Soldiers of Pilate; 9a) The Apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane (left panel of a diptych); Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (right panel of a diptych); 9c) The Derision of Christ; 10a), 10b), 10c), 11a), 11b), 11c) The Crucifixion; 6a), 6b), 6c) St.Ambrose, St.Jerome,St.Augustine (trilobes), by P. Bertini; 6a), 6b), 6c) Traceries with Flowers and Fruits, by P.Bertini; 12b) God the Father blessing (trilobe) by P. Bertini; 12a), 12c) Angel with the Sun, Angel with the Moon (trilobes).

CRITICAL NOTES: A great part of the Life of Jesus cycle panels, and a group of thePassion Cycle are collected in the sXVI window. The only two surviving panels of the ancient nucleus painted at the beginning by Franceschino Zavattari ( Vidit duo fratres in navi, Illi statim secuti sunt) are now located in the window I confused with the Apocalypse cycle (see file Duomo 1 ); The work of Antonio da Pandino has been identified by several payments on behalf of Niccolò da Varallo Antonio's partner .The Niccolò style, well known from the St. John Damasceno and the St.Eligius windows (see the files Duomo 5,6 ), is very different and not traceable in the New Testament panels. It is reasonable to attribute this group to Antonio on the basis of his activity elsewhere in Milano: in the S. Maria presso S.Satiro in Milan, and in the Pavia Charterhouse the confrontation is possible with the stained glass windows painted by Antonio (The Assumption of the Virgin, The Virgin of the Annunciation).Antonio da Pandino, expelled from the Cathedral because of insolence (1489), left his work unfinished. In 1519 Pietro da Velate proceeded with the window painting the Passion Cycle, which was left incomplete as a result of his death. And only later (1562-69) Currado Mochis da Colonia and his assistants completed the window painting the last traceries and the rose window. ( C. Pirina).

CONDITION: Several panels show heavy mending leads and are heavily overpainted with cold paint (by P. Bertini).

Restoration and Conservation: 1965-66, Ven.Fabbrica del Duomo-Curator: E. Brivio.Cleaning system: on the external face clear water thickened by cellulose; on the internal face a brush dusting. New frames in "bronzo marina " (a particular type of bronze alloy); and new copper protective nets. No protective glazing.

Many scattered panels now are missing in foreign Museums.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Duomo 4

PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS: Fototeca Ven. Fabbrica del Duomo

EDITOR: Caterina Pirina (november 1999)

TRANSLATION: Suzanne Miele