FILE : Milano Duomo 20
TITLE : Two musical Angels

LOCATION: Milano, Cathedral, nXIX window, panel 1c

DIMENSIONS: 120 x 60 cms.

PROVENANCE: Milano, Cathedral, New Testament window ( sII )

CHRONOLOGY: 1562 1569

AUTHOR: Currado Mochis da Colonia (attribution)

SUBJECT(S): Two little angels, one with a viola bow, the other with a music book

CRITICAL NOTES: C. Pirina noticing the close analogies with the putti in the Saint Catherine of Siena stained glass (window nXI) surely executed by Currado Mochis da Colonia (1562), believes that the glazier painted this panel to complete the unfinished New Testament window (sII) (see files nos.18, 19, 21, 22 ). (C. Pirina)

CONDITION: Composed of assorted fragments from several damaged panels of the same series ( heads,wings,arms..)

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Milano Duomo

PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS: Fototeca Ven. Fabbrica del Duomo

TRANSLATION: Suzanne Miele