LOMBARDIA - Milano - Cathedral - Storage
FILE : Milano Duomo Dep. 1
TITLE : The Visitation

LOCATION: Milano, Cathedral, storage

DIMENSIONS: 115 x 64 cms.

PROVENANCE: Milano, Cathedral, New Testament window (s II)

CHRONOLOGY : 1416-1417

AUTHOR : Franceschino Zavattari (documented)

SUBJECT(S): The Virgin visiting St. Elisabeth. On the base inscription fragmented in many places and loss of many words:" Ecce intravit Domina....." ???

CRITICAL NOTES: This panel belongs to the first group of panels painted by Franceschino Zavattari of which only two are still existent (see file Duomo 9). Although many details are damaged and difficult to read, the Franceschino Zavattari's style is easy recognizable.

CONDITION: Several heavy mending leads and many stopgaps. The panel is heavily overpainted with a yellowish cold paint.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Milano Duomo

PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS: Fototeca Ven. Fabbrica del Duomo

TRANSLATION: Suzanne Miele