LOMBARDIA - Milano - Cathedral
FILE : Milano Duomo 16
TITLE : The Martyrdom of Saint Tecla

LOCATION: Milano, Cathedral, sXVIII window, panel 11c

DIMENSIONS: 120 x 60 cms.

PROVENANCE: Milano, Cathedral, sXIII window

CHRONOLOGY: post 1572-73

AUTHOR : Flemish glazier (attribution)

SUBJECT(S): The Martyrdom of St. Tecla ( upper part )

CRITICAL NOTES : This panel belongs to a stained glass dedicated to St.Tecla. In 1891 P. Bertini in his list of the Cathedral stained glass windows notices three episodes: The Martyrdom of St.Tecla, The Martyrdom of St. Agnes and The Pilgrims Procession to a Shrine of the Virgin. E. Brivio supposes that the three episodes belong to the same stained glass window.

CONDITION: in good condition although some heavy mending leads

PATRONAGE: See file Duomo 9

BIBLIOGRAPHY: See Bibl. Milano Duomo

PHOTOGRAPHIC CREDITS: Fototeca Ven.Fabbrica del Duomo

TRANSLATION: Suzanne Miele