St. Francis Basilica  
0. St. Francis Basilica
Basilica di S. Francesco, chiesa superiore  
  1. Typologic Stained-glass w. (w. VIII)
  2. The Life of Jesus (w. VII)
  3. Episodes of the Passion (w. VI)
  4. Genesis and Biblical Stories (w. IX)
  5. Apostles
  6. St. John the Evangelist and St. Thomas
  7. Apparition of Christ and Prefigurations
  8. St. Bartolomew and St. Mattew
  9. St. Francis and St. Antony
  10. St. Simon and Jude Thaddeus
  11. St. Philip and St. James the Younger
  12. Prophets and Saints
  13. Glorification of St. Francis
Basilica di S. Francesco, chiesa inferiore  
  1. St. Mary Magdalene
  2. St. Niccolò
  3. St. Antony
  4. St. Martin
  5. St. John the Baptist
  6. St. Catherine of Alexandria
  7. St. Ludovico
Basilica di S. Francesco, museo  
  1. Stained-glass w. with Cistercian Motifs and Medallions
  2. Stained-glass w. with Cistercian motifs (fragment)
  3. Virgin and Child
  4. St. Jerome
  5. St. Onofrio
  6. St. Lawrence
  7. St. Paul
  8. St. Jerome
  9. St. John the Baptist
  10. St. Feliciano
  11. Madonna and Child