0. The Cathedral
  1. Theological Cosmos
  2. Meeting of Johachim and Anne – Marriage of the Virgin
  3. Creation of Eve – Creation of Adam
  4. Expulsion from the Garden of Eden—Temptation of Adam and Eve
  5. Curse of Man – Cain and Abel offer sacrifice to God
  6. The flood - Noha’s Ark
  7. Lamech kills Cain—Building Noah’s Ark
  8. Sacrifice of Isaac—Abraham with the three visitors
  9. God questions Cain - Cain kills Abel
  10. Moses receives the Tables of the Law - Joseph gives grain to his Brothers
  11. Story of Jacob and Esau
  12. Story of the Tower of Babele
Duomo - Museo dell'Opera  
  1.  Fragments
C. di S. Paolo a Ripa d’Arno  
  1. Almighty Christ and Saints
C. di S. Francesco  
  1. Almighty Christ , Saints and Prophets