Basilica di S. Francesco  
  1. St. Francis offering roses to Onorio III in January
0. The Cathedral
  1. St. Lucy and St. Silvester
  2. The Baptism of Jesus
  3. The Vocation of St. Matthew
  4. Lazarus Risen from the Dead
  5. The Chase of the Merchants
  6. The Adulterer
  7. The Descent of the Holy Spirit
  8. St. Donato and Christ resurrected
C. della SS. Annunziata  
0. Church plan
  1. St. Jerome
  2. The Assupmtion of the Virgin
  3. The Wedding of the Virgin
  4. Magdalene
  5. St. Antony Abbot
  6. St. Jerome and St. Nicholas
  7. Joachim meets Anne
  8. Bishop Saint
  9. Puttoes and Christ's Monogram
  10. Pecori's coat of arms
  11. Centeri's coat of arms
  12. Virgin and Child