Chiesa di S. Lanfranco  
  1. Madonna and Child Between St Lanfranco and a Prelate
  2. Blessed Tesaurius
  3. St. Bernard
Chiesa di S.Maria del Carmine  
  1. Madonna and Child
Chiesa di S.Maria del Popolo  
  1. The Immaculate Virgin
Musei Civici del Castello Visconteo  
  1. Fragments from the Torre Civica di Pavia
  2. St. Antony (?)
  1. The Assumption of the Virgin
  2. The Crucifixion
  3. The Crucifixion
  4. Two Saints Martyrs
  5. Nativity
  6. St. Augustine Bishop
  7. St. Bernard
  8. St. Catherine of Alexandria
  9. St. Gervasius and St. Protasius
  10. St. Jerome
  11. St. Gregory the Great
  12. St. Michael Archangel
  13. Virgin of the Annunciation
  1. The risen Christ