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The Cathedral  
0.  Milan Cathedral
0a.  Graphic of Milan Cathedral
0b. Graphic of stained-glass windows
  1. Stained-glass w. of the Apocalypse
  2. Stained-glass w. of St. Giulitta
  3. Stained-glass w. of  St. John the Evangelist
  4. Stained-glass w. of the New Testament
  5. Stained-glass w. of St. John Damascene
  6. Stained Glass w. of St. Eligius
  7. Noli me tangere (scatterd p.)
  8. The temptation of Jesus (scattered p.)
  9. A fleet of galleons (a) (scattered p.)
  10. A fleet of galleons (b) (scattered p.)
  11. Pilgrims kneeling in prayer (scattered p.)
  12. Cardinals on a pilgrimage (a) (scattered p.)
  13. Cardinals on a pilgrimage (b) (scattered p.)
  14. Pope on a pilgrimage (scattered p.)
  15. Religiouses on a pilgrimage (scattered p.)
  16. Marthyrdom of St. Thecla (scattered p.)

16 bis. Pilgrimaage in procession to a Marian Sanctuary (Scattered panels of a XIII Cent. stained-glass w., reassembled by E. Brivio)

  1. Grotesquerie (a) (scattered p.)
  2. Grotesquerie (b) (scattered p.)
  3. Grotesquerie (c) (scattered p.)
  4. Two little angels playing music (a) (scattered p.)
  5. Little angel playing music (b) (scattered p.)
  6. Little angel playing music (c) (scattered p.)
  7. Stained-glass w. reassembled (Pirina)
  8. Stained-glass w. of St. Catherine of Alexandria
  9. Stained-glass w.of St. Catherine of Siena and Life of the Virgin
  10. Stained-glass w.of St. James the Elder
  11. Stained-glass w.of St. Helen
  12. Stained-glass w.of St. Joseph
  13. Stained-glass w. of the Glories of the Virgin
  14. Stained-glass w. of four Crowned Saints
  15. Stained-glass w. of the Saints Apostles
  16. The baptism of St. Ambrose (scattered p.)
  17. Cherub (pann.erratico)
  18. The original sin (scattered p.)
  19. The bronze serpent (scattered p.)
  20. Moses and the burning bush (scattered p.)
  21. The return of the men from the land of Chanaan (scattered p.)
  22. The judgement of Daniel (scattered p.)
  23. Jacob flees from Laban (?)(scattered p.)
  24. The ass of Balaam (scattered p.)
  25. Daniel in the lions' den (scattered p.)
  26. The judgment of Daniel (scattered p.)
  27. A king kneeling in act of offering (scattered p.)
  28. A veiled figure blessing (scattered p.)
  29. David weeping over the death of Absalom (scattered p.)
  30. The liberation of the firstborn (scattered p.)
  31. Noah's ark (scattered p.)
  32. Fratricide of Cain (scattered p.)
  33. Noah's drunkness (scattered p.)
  34. God appears to Abraham (scattered p.)
  35. The daughters of Lot (scattered p.)
  36. The sacrifice of Isaac (scattered p.)
  37. The dream of Jacob (scattered p.)
  38. The parting of Abraham from Lot (?) (scattered p.)
  39. Joseph sold by his brothers (scattered p.)
  40. Joseph makes himself known unto his broters (a) (scattered p.)
  41. Joseph makes himself known unto his brothers (b) (scattered p.)
  42. Good reveals himself to Abraham in order that he sends Hagar and Ishmail away (scattered p.)
  43. Supper of Hebrews before leaving Egypt (a) (scattered p.)
  44. Supper of Hebrews before leaving Egypt (b) (scattered p.)
  45. The crossing of the Read Sea (scattered p.)
  46. Moses and the golden calf (scattered p.)
  47. Jonah preaches to Nineveh (?) (scattered p.)
  48. The vow of Jephte (a) (scattered p.)
  49. Moses prays to defeat Amalec (scattered p.)
  50. The gathering of the manna (a) (scattered p.)
  51. Angel blessing Jacob (scattered p.)
  52. David feigns his madness (scattered p.)
  53. The vow of Jephte (b) (scattered p.)
  54. Joshua makes the sun stand still (scattered p.)
  55. The gathering of the manna (b) (scattered p.)
  56. Delilah shaves Samson's locks off (scattered p.)
  57. The fight of Joshua at Gibeon (scattered p.)
  58. The suicide of Saul (?) (scattered p.)
  59. David writes the letter that condemns Uriah to death (scattered p.)
  60. Bathsheba at the bath (scattered p.)
  61. The chase of Absalom (scattered p.)
  62. Absalom caught on the Terebinth (scattered p.)
  63. A Philistine shows Saul’s head and his armour off in the house of Ashtaroth (scattered p.)
  64. Holopherne’s head hang on Bethulia’s walls (scattered p.)
  65. Rebecca (?)(scattered p.)
  66. Jonah under the gourd (scattered p.)
  67. Samson rends the lion (scattered p.)
  68. Samson pulls down the house of Philistines (scattered p.)
  69. Three boys in the furnace (scattered p.)
  70. Job reproved by his wife (scattered p.)
  71. Disputation among Job and his friends (scattered p.)
  72. Job’s healed (scattered p.)
  73. Isaac (?) (scattered p.)
  74. Judith and her maid going to Holophern’s (scattered p.)
  75. Judith with Holophern’s head
  76. Abraham purchases the field where to bury Sarah (scattered p.)
  77. The nineth plague of Egypt: darkness (scattered p.)
  78. Apocalyptic beasts (scattered p.)
  79. The vision of Ezekiel (scattered p.)
  80. The last judgement (scattered p.)
  81. The vocation of Isaiah (scattered p.)
  82. The unction of David (scattered p.)
  83. Angel leading Abacuc to Daniel (scattered p.)
  84. Elijah’s challenge to the Prophets of Baal (scattered p.)
  85. The risen Christ (scattered p.)
  86. Supper at Emaus (scattered p.)
  87. The disbilief of St. Thomas (scattered p.)
  88. Entombment of Christ (scattered p.)
  89. Ecce Homo (scattered p.)
  90. The ascent to Calvary (scattered p.)
  91. The descent to Limbo (scattered p.)
  92. The Ascension (scattered p.)
  93. The Assumption of the Virgin (scattered p.)
  94. Christ and Caiaphas (scattered p.)
  95. The Pentecost (scattered p.)
  96. Christ appears to the Mother (scattered p.)
Cathedral Museum  
  0. The Cathedral Museum
  1. A group of Swiss guards
  2. Adoring angels (a)
  3. Adoring angels (b)
  4. Adoring angels (c)
  5. Adoring angels (d)
  6. The creation of trees
  7. The creation of the world
  8. The creation of animals and trees
  9. The creation of Adam
  10. St. John in Patmos
  11. The baptism of Aristodeme
  12. St. John the Evangelist raises a dead man
  13. The torment of boiling oil
  14. Quod vides scribe et mitte septeem ecclesiis
  15. The deposition
  16. The good thief
  17. The bad thief
  18. The tower of Babel
  19. View of a town
  20. David and Goliah
  21. The bronze serpent
  22. Sitting figures
  1. St. Mattew
  2. Visitation
Museum Bagatti Valsecchi  
0. The Museum
1. The death of St.Marta
2. St.Stephan