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This Italian Stained-Glass Windows Database, in course of realization at the present time, offers the researchers a practical and easy tool for exploring the whole corpus of the Italian stained-glass windows dating from the VI to the XVI century, including not only the ones still in situ but also the scattered panels in private collections and museums in Italy and abroad. The work project foresees the census of about 500 stained-glass windows. The files, compiled by experts most of which are members of the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi, illustrate each stained-glass window from a historical, artistic, iconographic and technical point of view. Precious information on the restoration works and on the window's present conditions are offered in particular to Scientific Research experts and Monuments and Fine Arts specialists. The information is costantly updated by the Corpus Vitrearum Medii Aevi . As for the stained-glass windows composed by many panels, (a four-mullioned window, with a  threelights and a rose, is usually made up of about 70 panels) the files also include a graphic of the whole window and the images of the various panels.The lecture key is based on three indexes: Subject, Location (with the name of the region, town, cathedral, monasteries, museum) and a Typological index of the windows (rose, mullioned window, lancet window, qamarrieh, etc.).
The on line implementation is planned by the CNR - ICVBC (Institute for the Conservation and Valorization of Cultural Heritage of the Nationa Research Council), a structure integrated in the National Scientific Networking Project GARR-B, which offers the researchers a highly efficient access.

For any information:  bivi@icvbc.cnr.it    cvma.bivi@virgilio.it