FILE : Boston Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 4
TITLE : The Judgment of Solomon

LOCATION: Boston, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

DIMENSIONS: cm. 112 x 61,5

PROVENANCE: The panel belongs to the Old Testament Cycle in the Milan Cathedral (n II window). Actually, the remnants panels of this stained glass window, are dismembered and partially get up in the Cathedral aisles windows. Therefore, several panels of the three apse windows scattered on account of the Bertini family restorations, were sold at the auction A Pickert Nuremberg (1875).

CRONOLOGY : 1544-45

AUTHOR: Giorgio d’Anversa


SUBJECT/S: The king Solomon stops the soldiers dividing the little boy

CRITICAL NOTES: Currado Mochis ad Colonia was the main glacier engaged with the Milan Cathedral windows during the second half of the sixteenth century. He carried out several stained glass panels from the cartoons of many artists, mostly from the Arcimboldi’s designs: the St. Catherine of Alexandria window (see Milano Duomo 24), the Old Testament window (about the erratic panels see Milano Duomo 34 – 112 and Milano Duomo Museo 1 -5; 15 –22). He painted also the windows of St. Catherine of Siena and Life of the Virgin (see Milano Duomo 25), St James the Elder (see Milano Duomo 26), The Glories of the Virgin (see Milano Duomo 29), Four crowned Saints .(see Milano Duomo 30). As it appears from the Libri mastri in the Cathedral archives, Giorgio d’Anversa received many payments (November 1544 -October 1545) "pro designis seu picturis factis pro invidriatis" [for many stained glass windows designs]. It is convenable that Giorgio made them to be executed in the workshop of Currado Mochis da Colonia engaged in the same period by the Cathedral board.

CONDITION: Some heavy mending leads. The buildings are repainted.