FILE : M.I.T. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] 3
TITLE : Judas Iscariot receiving payment  

LOCATION: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) Rotch Library

DIMENSIONS: cm. 109 x 59

PROVENANCE: The panel belongs to the Passion Cycle, the finishing group of the New Testament window in the Milan Cathedral (s II window). Actually, the remnants panels of this stained glass window, are dismembered and partially get up in the Cathedral sXVI window. Therefore, several panels of the three apse windows scattered on account of the Bertini family restorations, had sold by auction. This panel comes from the Studio of Arthur Rotch (d. 1894); gift of Mrs Horatio A. Lamb, his sister.

CRONOLOGY: 1519- 1525

AUTHOR: Pietro da Velate – attributed


SUBJECT/I: Judas Iscariot receiving payment

CRITICAL NOTES: On 1416 Franceschino Zavattari began to paint the monumental New Testament stained glass window; after that, in the last decade of the XV century Antonio da Pandino got on until he was expelled out of the Cathedral territories owing to his impudence (1489). The Passion cycle panels initiated by Pietro da Velate (b. 1525), was finished by Currado Mochis da Colonia and his apprentices who painted also the big rose lancets (1562-69).

All the Passion panels reveal the punctual copy of the Dürer’s Little Passion engravings. For more detailed information see Milano Duomo 4 , Milano Duomo 17-23, e Milano Duomo 101 – 112.

CONDITION: The legs tesseras have been replaced. Several stopgaps The leads, though not original are narrow


For a general bibliography see Bibl.Milano Duomo n. 4, Milano Duomo 17-23, and Milano Duomo 101 112.

PHOTOGRAPHIC REF: M.H.Caviness Archives

COMPILER: Caterina Pirina October 2005