FILE : M.I.T. [Massachusetts Institute of Technology] 2
TITLE : Funeral of St. Eligius  

LOCATION: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Rotch Library

DIMENSIONS: cm. 109 x 59, 5

PROVENANCE: Originally the panel was located in the St. Eligius window in the Milan Cathedral. Acquired by auction (1894) by Arthur Rotch . Gift by Mrs Horatio A. Lamb his sister

CRONOLOGY: before 1486

AUTHOR: Niccol˛ da Varallo (documented)

PATRONAGE: The Guild of Goldsmiths

SUBJECT/S: Funeral of St Eloi attended by the Queen Bathilde. In the lower part the inscription “D├ ELI [….] EXEQI ITER FUERE”

CRITICAL NOTES: As the others episodes of the St. Eligius window this scene reveals the narrative style peculiar to the Niccol˛ da Varallo. The artist offers a delicious portrait of the domestic life. About the style of Niccol˛ da Varallo see Milano Duomo 4.

CONDITION: Several stopgaps in the lower part and many heavy mending leads.


For the general bibliography on Niccol˛ da Varallo see also Bibl. Duomo n. 5 e Bibl. Duomo n. 6

PHOTOGRAPHIC REF: M.H. Caviness archives

COMPILER: Caterina Pirina april 2006