FILE : NORKFOLK Chrysler Museum 1
TITLE :  St. Eloi [Eligius] and the poors (?) making alms

LOCATION: Norkfolk (VA) Chrysler Museum of Art

DIMENSIONS: cm 112 x 53

PROVENANCE: From the window of St Eligius still in situ in the Milan Cathedral. As all the other windows of this building, also this, on account of the restoration disassembly made by Pompeo had lost many panels now scattered in several foreign museums and collections (see Caen Chapelle du Petit Séminaire 1 and M.I.T Rotch Library 1, 2..

CRONOLOGY: 1480 -1486 …

AUTHOR: Niccolò da Varallo (documented)

PATRONAGE: The Guild of the Goldsmiths

SUBJECT/I : St. Eligius alms two beggars. Mutiled inscription “S CTUS EGIUM .. BEATUS PAU..OU (?)… CR……”

CRITICAL NOTES: Although several alien tesseras , the preminent part of the panel comes from the St. Eligius window, stlli in the Milan Cathedral executed by Niccolò da Varallo whose style is distinguished for the narrative domestic inspiration; see Milano Duomo 6 . The heads of the beggars are fragments coming from the Passion Cycle executed by the Currado Mochis da Colonia workshop and employed as stopgaps probably inserted in occasion of the auction of the panel.

CONDITION: the panel is composed with several different fragments; it has repeinted with an ochrous color to disguise the lost of the grisaille and the stylistic differences. Several heavy mending leads

BIBLIOGRAPHY: C. PIRINA Antonio da Pandino “Magister vitriatarum” in “Arte Lombarda” 132, 2001-2002, pp. 31 – 41. For a general bibliography see also : Bibl. Milano Duomo 6

PHOTOGRAPHIC REF: Atelier Marie Foucault Archiv

COMPILER: Caterina Pirina April 2006