FILE : NEWPORT Seavew Terrace 1
TITLE : The flagellation

LOCATION: Newport [Rhode Island VA] Seavew Terrace, “Carey Mansion” Salve Regina College

DIMENSIONS: cm 120 x 55 (the ancient panel without borders)

PROVENANCE: The panel originally belonged to the cycle of the Passion of Christ a section of the New Testament window still extant in situ in the Milan Cathedral. Previously the panel has been bought by the millionary Edson Bradley probably at the Stanford White sale in New York (1907). On 1915 it results settled in his mansion on Dupont Circle in Washington DC, glazed into a monumental window to emulate the English manorial settings. Afterwards Bradley had the castle dismantled, and shipped to an oceanfront property in Newport, R.I., where it was rebuilt, larger and grander than before (1923-28).The panel had composed in a monumental modern window

CRONOLOGY: 1544- 47

AUTHOR: Giovanni de Croxis and Alessandro da Anversa glaziers of the Currado Mochis da Colonia workshop


SUBJECT/S : Christ tied to the central column

CRITICAL NOTES: The faces typology, the awkward gestures, the more astonishesd than grim looks of the personages are close to the style of the Currado Mochis da Colonia workshop; in a particular way to the manner of his assistants Giovanni de Croxis and Alessandro da Anversa who completed the Cycle of the Christ Passion, a serie already begun by Pietro da Velate. Besides, the size of the panel identical to the standard of the Milan Cathedral stained glass con firms the provenance. See also Milano Duomo 4 and Milano Duomo 102-112

CONDITION: The panel is largely intact except a clear glass between the Christ legs, and many heavy mending leads.

M.H.C.- N.R.K. - V.C.R. item “ Studies in the History of Art Stained Glass before 1770 in American Collections :Midwestern and Western States”, Corpus Vitrearum Checklist III, National Gallery of Art Washington vol. 28, 282 – 83.
For the general bibliography on the New Testament window and the Passion Cycle , see Bibl. Milano Duomo 4 and Bibl. Milano Duomo 102-112

: N. Reed Kline Archiv

COMPILER: Caterina Pirina, April 2006